A person either Male or Female and whom has an unhealthy obsession with the facial hair worn by others. A Beardophile will often and sometimes without permission stroke or fondle the facial hair of others without asking for permission. Or the Beardophile may ask to fondle said beard and ignore the response by the bearded person and Fondle the beard anyway.
At the company pick-nick two co-workers are talking and the office Beardophile buts in.

Beardophile: Hey that's a really nice beard you have there.
Bearded person: Yeah, umm, Thanks Beardofile.
Beardophile: Do you mind if I touch it?
Bearded Person: Ummmm, no thanks that's creepy actually.
Beardophile: (Ignoring what Bearded person has said, Beardophile reaches out and fondles the beard anyway)
Bearded Person: (Cheeped out) What are you doing Beardophile?
by Drexx McCloud December 17, 2015
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