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Any person who is against the having or growing of beards due to discomfort for themselves.
Cristina refused to make out with him because he had a beard. She is now a well known beardist in the community due to her anti-beard actions.
by bigeyedfeesh March 02, 2011
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Noun: Beardist; Plural noun: Beardists

1. A person or persons who think you look like someone else just because you both have beards.

2. showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people with beards, or believing that a particular beard is superior to another.

beard racist
Beardist: Hey TK, that guy looks exactly like you!
TK: Why? Because he has a beard too?! You are such a beardist.

Beardist: Man, that guys beard is way nicer than yours!

TK: Not all beards are created equal but I would appreciate if you liked them just the same! You are being a beardist to both of us.
by Justiceforbeards July 17, 2018
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Someone who is "racist" against people with facial hair. Be it full on beard or just a mustache.
Dude that old guy was such a beardist. Yea he totally hated my beard.
by Driddle07 July 24, 2013
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