A bean burrito is the process by which one peforms anal sex on his partner and then proceeds to receive oral stimulation from the same partner.
Me and my girl were hungry for Mexican food last night, so I gave her a bean burrito.
by Hugh Schtickinmyazz March 3, 2010
It's a type of Mexican food, made of tortillas, beans, rice, and maybe meat. (If you want meat in it.) Tends to make people gassy.
Ana went to Taco Bell and ordered a bean burrito.
by Okapi_427 May 25, 2015
Two hot chicks scissoring their engorged beans under a warm blanket on the couch.
She invited me for for Netflix and a bean burrito.

I could hear my sister and her friend doing the bean burrito during Game of Thrones. So I rubbed one out.
by Eaton Holgoode January 7, 2019
Man 1; damn that beaner ate too much Taco Bell then went on a camping trip and looked like a Bean Burrito.

Man 2; I’m calling border patrol
by Kennedy Half Dolla April 2, 2022
A sexual position in which one person is laying flat on their back and the other person is squatted on top of them, much like sitting on the toilet. The person standing (typically the female) will then proceed to shit on the person on the ground's chest ; mimicking that of a bean burrito when the beans fall out onto the ground or paper plate.
"So did y'all guys have sex last night?"
"Nah, we didn't do anything special. She gave me a Bean Burrito though."
by Sliced Kid January 7, 2016