an atmospheric subgenre of alternative rock that relies on sonic textures as much as melody.
Cocteau Twins arnt shoegaze Mr.rockandroll, they fall under the dream pop catagory
by Dimsdale April 11, 2007
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Dream pop is a musical genre closely related to shoegaze, which originated in 1980s Britain with bands like the Cocteau Twins. It tends to be less associated with the walls of noise characteristic of shoegaze, and more with dreamy soundscapes and ethereal vocals. The vocals in dream pop tend to be more audible than those in shoegaze. The songs in general tend to have a more accessible, pop-orientated sound, and are less aggressive.

Many people erroneously use "dream pop" as a synonym for shoegaze. Some also argue that dream pop is in fact a subgenre of shoegaze.
Broken Social Scene, Yo La Tengo, Asobi Seksu, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive and Lush have all been associated with the term "dream pop".
by HallOfMirrors May 27, 2009
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Music that makes you think about things like unicorns and lasers and flying through space, characterized by faraway vocals, droning basslines, echoing percussion, etc.
The song "Strawberries" by Asobi Seksu perfectly exemplifies Dream Pop.
by Garz July 20, 2007
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The dream-pop genre includes songs with extremely loud background music with the lightest and most hazy vocals imaginable. This makes understanding them hard, but that doesn't matter in the first place as the background "noise" is all that matters. I like how I can't understand what they're saying yet can still connect with them on an emotional level.
"Songs" by Pinkultrashinyblast can be considered to be a dream pop song.
by Brownite-Parsa February 17, 2022
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