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The term "Bazil" is used for someone who is fantastic. He is hot and tall and is the most fun person out there. He is an introvert and very shy but once you get to know him hes not shy at all.
"Do you know that boy? He really cute. His name must be Bazil"
by Waterchild September 28, 2018
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Extremely very hot and smart.bazil is usually a short Indian male but he can be tall. he may do some shitty stuff but that just means he is extremely attractive to everyone. If you make fun of a bazil VERY BAD things will happen.
HOTGIRL: have u heard of that hot guy named bazil
HOTGIRL2: oh yeah I wish he noticed me
HOTGIRL: same I just want him to love me

bazil: oh hello girls nice to be at your acquaintance
by pigeonoses May 06, 2019
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1. usually a short male with a bald head. good with the ladies but too small to mount them.

2. A super cool homie that has a lazy eye.
girl 1 - I had Bazil last night he sure rocked my world

girl 2 - I hear you sister but i think he fell inside me, you wont see him again.
by don qixote February 04, 2010
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