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An amazing person who has a great sense of humor! Makes people laugh a lot. Has lots of friends that are girls. Loves to be around family and friends. Is sweet and kind. Bayron is also a really good and sweet gentleman. Romantic. Don't let a Bayron go, you will regret it.
Fool: Wow Bayron is so mean and such a douche!

Smart guy: dude you don't even know who your're talking about.
by LikeApuppy243 February 08, 2013
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Bayron is an awesome person who’ll always be there for you no matter what. They’ll do everything just to see you happy and smiling. They’re kindhearted, sweet, romantic, hilarious, charismatic, chill aura, sarcastic somewhat stupid and smart. They’re athletic but lazy too, you’ll see them playing sports but taking a lot of naps too. They’re just really good friends and awesome lovers. If you know a Bayron, just know you’re lucky to have met someone as amazing as them.
Girl: I think Bayron is so cool and awesome

Other girl: he’s such a square

Girl: are you kidding? He’s perfect! I think im gonna ask him out

Other girl: *instant regret*
by turtlegirl19 July 18, 2018
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A name of high quality and unique attributes. Fairly outspoken and reserved. Typically sees himself as a protector and looks after those closest to him. Has a very direct drive to become better and prosper. A competitive athlete and tough nail. This is a name of Mayan descendant, pronounced (ЂÂϊŔÓŊ ). In ancient times this name was given to child of the strongest warrior.
The greatest who has ever lived, his name is Bayron.
by Dr. Alejandro de Monte Ronyiel February 04, 2010
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