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A rare last name (pronounced "bat-in"), stemming from English origins, that often gets butchered by other people as "baton" or "bate-in."
Random Person: "Hello Mr. Baton..."
Mr. Batton: "Um,no.. it's "bat-in."
by bbatton June 13, 2008
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a "batton" usually means a large joint
*someone rolls a King F Plate*
Cameron Mchugh: THATS A BATTON!
by iheartbattons December 15, 2010
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To have a complete lack of knowledge on the subject yet act as tho one is an expert and need of zero guidence. This is also accompanied with a completely unwarranted arrogance on the subject
We hired a new guy to do our plumbing, said he was a professional. Now I got water leaking everywhere. I really got battoned on this one
by Roger tittle October 14, 2019
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