A phrase often uttered by Captain Benjamin Sisko, commander of Deep Space 9. It is pronounced with a deep niggerish bas tone and underlying notes of urban hoodlum timbre with the intent to sound simultaneously dramatic and reassuring. Only a member of the nigger community wearing the Starfleet uniform may speak these words as white officers' utterance are far less effective in boosting crew morale.
by Unclecrazy February 24, 2023
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Battle Stations is an application on Facebook. Their boards are unmoderated, and the posters often leave their own forum because of the crappy gameplay value, and harass other applications for being "better" than them.
Sam: A bunch of trolls attacked Pet Society today, started calling me names and threw my Rainbow Poo at me. Then they made an account with my name and face and got me banned. :(

Chris: I bet I know the group, they're from Battle Stations.
by Min Power September 16, 2009
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the fucker with the magic proxy servers and blocks all websites, he operates from a cubicle or his "battle station"
by anonimisty April 19, 2004
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You are about to get destroyed physically, mentally, and spiritaully. Generally if this phrase is bellowed out it means the bellower is about to engage in a mass slaughter with absolutly no care for their own safety. Expect no quarter given. Although a relitivly rare act, certain social pressures, neurological ihibitors, or defeat in a video game can cause this.
Vavey: Owned you again!

Dave: Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!

Vavey: ohhhh....crap

*Gore everywhere, house destroyed along with neighboring countries
by Vavey April 25, 2007
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