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A bus outfitted for war, usually with bleachers added to the sides in a wing fashion with multiple cannons, explosive weaponry.

They play a large part in the current war on terror. Both BLUFOR and OPFOR have their different versions of them, however the two most known are the Takistani Battle Bus, And the USMC improvised Battle Bus.

The Takistani one is outfitted with 5 big guns, an Anti Air cannon on the top, and two rapid fire AGL grenade launchers on each side. It is mounted with a massive slab of concrete on the front, to protect the driver.

On the other side, the USMC improvised Battle Bus has 4 wings of bleachers, lock on anti air guns, 2 on each side and 7 machine guns each side. It has 2 artillery guns ontop, however they are used to attack head on rather than bombard targets. It has 2x more grenade launching units aswell, holding 2 on the top and 2 on each bleacher.

The USMC version has alot more firepower, however there is nothing protecting the driver.

Despite all rumors, a Battle Bus has never run out of ammunition for any of its guns.

"The next generation of deadly weapons available to man."

There is a song about the Battle Bus, composed by "Fatal_Papercut"
Soldier 1: Hey do you hear that?

Soldier 2: Yea, sounds like a regular vehicle engine, hold tight.

*Battle Bus appears over hill*

Soldiers together: Ah fuck, Battle Bus!

*The two get gunned down by the bus, without mercy.*
by The Dude Duper September 24, 2011
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The art of getting drunk, then lost, at a show or festival. Eventually turning up some hours later with dirty feet, a pocket full of traders business cards, and no memory of how or why.
Where's .......?

No idea he's gone completely battlebus.


Have you seen ........?
Nope he's gone Battlebus last I time I saw him he was tucking into a colostomy bag of wine


Don't worry about ................ he's gone Battlebus again
by ahay! July 12, 2010
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A vehicle that defys all laws of physics by transporting 100 people in a 30 seater bus through the air being propelled by an oversized balloon. At random intervals some passengers chose to vacate the bus to their inevidable doom.

Most passengers of this bus are virgins or going through a divorce.
I'm leaving you Insert your name here All you ever do is circle jerk your friends on that Battle Bus
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by Dailystraw July 09, 2019
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When 2+ more people pull out a gun on a bus
"Battle buses aren't just for fortnite"
by Knee-Lover August 11, 2018
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