A Twitch streamer known for surviving the Sandy Hook Shooting and is now one of the higher ups a group known as Antifa though is now somewhat inactive and is also Tied to the KKK. He is now mostly giving racist speeches directed towards the African Americans (He calls them "Stinky TriHards")
Bathrobe Dwane is a stinky TriHard
by TriHardReed August 22, 2019
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A live streamer that’s soul purpose is to play racist songs and act like they are not racist and benefit from that. The streamer makes money by acting silly when a racist song plays as well as creating emotes that can be used in a racist way. These type of streamers also have a bad hairline and typically play old school runescape.
Did you see bathrobe dwane streaming today? He made another $50 off playing those racist songs
by ScrubMyDaughtersDick June 14, 2018
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