From Jabroni Mike's livestreams, batching is a moment in someones life where they take an entire year to take just one shit, after which they will never have to poop again in your life. At the end of batching, the amount of poop has been mathmatically estimated to be the same size as the Goodyear Tower in Akron, Ohio.
Person 1: Hey why hasn't Mike been coming to work?
Person 2: Ah he's on leave right now. He's batching. I respect it.
by MattMelon519 October 11, 2020
Pooping for two years straight if given the option the option to do so, and then never having to poop again in your life. You can select any two years to begin batching, but not when you're a baby because that's cheating babies already poop whenever.

Pooping for two years straight means constant shitting. There's no stopping until the batching is over.
Person A: I haven't seen Mike around lately, what's he up to?
Person B: Oh, haven't you heard? He started batching.
by vampireadjacent September 28, 2020
Being single. Opposite of being in a relationship. Being a bachelor.
by ;DD; July 11, 2008
To mess things up or ruin a situation
Well done you've totally batched it, Fuck sake Batch, were royally batched here
by Blaggerz August 16, 2018
1. A more potent form of "bitch" the presence of the "a" facilitates repeating the insult many times over, causing much mental anguish.
2. Anemic creature with lewd, malicious intentions that grows in batches on "batch trees" Each batch secretes "batch juices" that are quite unpleasant.
3.A slang term to describe a load of semen. Also known as man chowder, baby batter, nut, etc.
1. Batch!! Where's my dinner?
2. That batch came from a bad batch, I can smell the batch juices a mile away!
3. When I couldn't hold off any longer, I dropped a fat batch right in her eye!
by the dude September 5, 2003
hey fucking rat, make us a batch so we can blaze
by blitter February 5, 2009
After Lars ate an entire quart of malted milk balls with 6 beers, that dude batched!
by Jangaard May 6, 2010