Located in northeast ohio ...midway between Cleveland & Canton ohio,Akron Ohio aka Crackron Ohio.! Home of LeBron James, Beanie Wells , & Birthplace of AA alcoholics Anonymous).Located between Cleveland & Canton. Akron is a jungle. Where you can get shot on a sunday afternoon broad daylight right after church. Dont try exploring downtown because its always under construction. The north side is filled with Nepali refugees & none of them know how to drive. Even tho AA was started here heroin & meth riddle the city. Stay away from the eastside & westside bc they will murder you & every hooker you ever need is on south arlington , johnston street , & east exchange street. Home of the akron runner ducks & Akron U ....dont come to akron if you cant hold your own
We cant go to Akron, Ohio after dark. They will kill us.
by BennyyyBitch October 22, 2019
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A diverse area with a large multitude of cultural influence. Certain celebrity's such as Lebron James, Club Drugs(Mike Burkley) , and John Legend all originated from here. Home of Akron University, Zubs, and Tuesday's at Thursday's.
by Dr. Feelgood March 2, 2016
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located 45 minutes away from cleveland. a corny city filled with mostly lames. a place where people from cleveland or canton (where they get in trouble) come to akron to stay out the way or go to school.home of lebron james, most traveled bus line number is the 2 (arlington) always packed and 18 thornton.
if you are in akron, ohio, some will say u got some bomb or fruit????? lames...c.... told ya so
by Lady G June 11, 2008
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