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Staying up late at night and into the early morning (usually in a confined space such as one's room or house) while sleeping for most of the day, much like a bat.
He spent all night batcaving in his room in front of his computer.
by puggyface April 15, 2009
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Asocial behavior, most often seen in the suburban United States, in which people will enter and exit their house or apartment by way of the garage, thereby eliminating any unwanted social interaction with neighbors, passers-by, and the outside world in general. Staying in one's vehicle until entry or exit from the garage has been completed is key to effective batcaving, as is having an automatic, remotely-openable garage door. Living in a gated community provides an additional level of batcavability.
Did you hear about that woman in the news? She lives around here!

How would anyone know? Out here, neighbors go batcaving in and out of their place and we never see them. Except when they mow the lawn. And everybody pays to have that done anyway.
by contrary guy April 01, 2006
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when a boy/girl (usually used for a boy) goes off to a dark room to talk on the phone with thier girlfriend/boyfriend when they are supposed to be hanging out with thier friends.
bobby:"hey, where did joey go?"
mike:"oh hes bat caving up in his room"
by Patrick Gabe July 30, 2005
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A sexual fetish in which a person asks their sexual partner(s) to stick a batman figurine in his or her butt.
"It was only the first date and he tried to stick a batman figurine in my ass.'

"Ah, he tried to bat cave you."


by AliMac July 13, 2012
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The act of sitting in ones room or bed completely instilled in darkness much before the time they plan on going to sleep. One who bat-caves often keeps them self occupied with a computer or videogame to play on. Music is not typically listened to by the bat caver and social conversation does not usually take place. It is described by common bat-cavers by relaxing, or "me time" to settle down. Bat caving is usually followed by whacking off and then going to sleep.
Guy 1: Why the fuck is it so dark in your room?
Guy 2: Im bat-caving, chill.
Guy 1: fucking weird-o.
by itchyisraeli October 28, 2012
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the process of waking somebody up by farting directly in their face while bare assed
At the end of the party when Jon passed out, Mike went bat caving
by ScottieC October 13, 2006
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