An old skool goth who associates with the punk/post-punk offshoot goth culture of the 1980s for example Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bauhaus, The Cure.

Probably doesn't care for Marilyn Manson and death metal.
"You didn't tell me Jake was a goth?!"

"Don't call him that to his face, hes a batcaver"

"Oh, nice. Bauhaus are awesome."
by Billy Messerschmitt September 12, 2008
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While doing a girl from behind, subtly grab a flashlight and flash it towards the ceiling. Once she's distracted and confused by the light, scream "TO THE BATCAVE", and slam it in her ass.
I went to take my girlfriend to the batcave.
by thokkdench May 16, 2015
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This is an advanced sexual act, performed when one is feeling in the mood to surprise ones lady. You start this delight by turning off all lights in the room. Get your lady to lay on her side and ask her to look at the ceiling. Now, grab your erect meat seeking pissile and shine a torch from underneath to display the sillouette on the ceiling, while screaming "TO THE BATCAVE" and with one swift, vigorous thrust, insert ones member into her anus. Lube is optional, but dry docking is not recommended unless you do not value your teeth/balls/relationship.
I gave Tonya a real good batcaving last night. Luckily, she enjoyed it so didn't even knock my teeth out afterward.
by Dr. Phil Yagash-Anass September 3, 2021
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Staying up late at night and into the early morning (usually in a confined space such as one's room or house) while sleeping for most of the day, much like a bat.
He spent all night batcaving in his room in front of his computer.
by puggyface April 15, 2009
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Opened in 1982 in London, The Batcave was originally a venue for horror-themed glam, such as that of the house band Specimen. This, however, fitted into what the emerging goth scene was doing, and soon bands like Bauhaus, Southern Death Cult and Alien Sex Fiend were playing there. It became the prototype goth club.
I teased my hair to insane heights and went to meet my mates at The Batcave.
by Lakini Malich February 29, 2004
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Batcaver seems to be an old localized term for goth. It was used in the Pacific Northwest in the 80s but on the East coast, few people have heard the term. The singular batcave was also used.
I went to a Bauhaus concert last week and it was full of batcavers.
by Crystal King October 19, 2005
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Similar to get to da choppa in that "the batcave" or the destination is already known by all. An excited phrase Often used along with a superhero like hand gesture. (both hands out in front of you. Or only one. One is acceptable)
Entering the liqour store, you may yell "to the batcave" . Entering a party is also a "to the batcave!" occasion.
by L and L October 13, 2008
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