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Used by ottawa mandems, batata literal translation in Arabic is potato. Though batata is used to refer to a penis.
Yo my batata was 12 inches in your shordie yesterday.
by Mistermiskeen June 05, 2018
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A person who is hot but does something socially horrific to ruin the hotness. A waste of a hot body.
Person1 :"That person is hot."
Person 2:"Yeah but look what they're doing. "
Person 1:"What a batata. "
by SenpaiBelle June 25, 2014
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When a queer ejaculates in the anus of another queer. The queer then sucks out the semen from his partner's ass with his mouth and transfers that semen to the mouth of another queer.
Oh man, that was gross. That fag just gave that other a fag a batata.
by urban enforcer July 19, 2009
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(Verb)Is a movement.
Lives for Himself, and the People he loves.
Gots No Time for Bullshit.
Must Party- all about loyalty & respect.
A truth-LIvin Life while it lasts.
Most of lifes problems turn into laughs
Doesnt give a fuck what a hater has to say, Liven Life his own mother fuck'n way.
Aint no Other Examples - Dey just copies.

by Timz H August 22, 2008
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