When you're fucking a girl Doggy style and you flash light to distract her and the you say "TO THE BATCAVE." and slam it in her ass.
I am going to Bat cave my girl Tonight.
by MeatKid December 28, 2015
'Seriously bro, all I gotta do is throw on a couple Cure records and I'll be exploring Mysteria's Bat Cave in no time.'
by Solid Eye December 21, 2007
A cavernous, dank, and generally unpleasant vagina.
"Man that girl is nasty"-guy 1
"Yeah you'd get lost in that Bat Cave"-milkman
by the cotck August 21, 2009
When your at a party and you grab two beers and hide one in a secret hiding spot each time thus building a bat cave.
"Damn there's no more beer and I pitched in!"

"Gotham needs us"

by JEWFIST January 20, 2012
Your place of residence you do not want to bring a fat, ugly or possible psychotic chick/dude home to fuck. cause they might just show up uninvited on day.
person1: so what are you going to do?

person2: I'm not sure I want to fuck, but there's no way I'm taking him/her back to the bat cave
by Zeal1 May 13, 2008
Getting alcohol and heading back to someone's place to drink with friends
Sam: Yo dude, I got Carla, Kelly, Natalie, & Amber & her 2 friends coming to the party
Jonathan: I got the drinks with David, Josh, Christopher & his brother
Jonathan: To The Bat Cave!
by Fred-D December 3, 2009
The most sacred of places in the whole multiverse, a place of true ascendance and powerful bat’age. Only a few know of the power held in the Bat Cave because many are not worth its power(see Buster for an example). Maintained by Mom and guarded by BrokeBoyKitty, Pop-eye, Buster the pup, Maggie and pup-pup. Fat Bats can be seen flying in and out 24/7, with the outside world not knowing how much actual drugs are in it...
Jason: Yo why can’t I come over?
StudJake: You are not high enough to enter the Bat Cave, you Buster ass nigga
by HolyChonger December 5, 2017