1) Misspelling of bastard
2) A word that combines the words bastard and turd - usually used to insult someone.
1) Xx_Lolfagdouche_xX says: OmFg u HAx0rin basturdz!
2) When we were larping last night, Geroge kicked me in the balls. The basturd.
by The Third Monkey August 30, 2011
A Sea Bass making a lot of turd
They is a lot of Basturds in the water
by Hooter's Boy October 20, 2008
Basturd: Noun
1.) A person (usually a man) who has no father or is father less. Usually the husband or boy friend leaves the mother and does not take responsiblility for the child

2.) A Jerk, Asshole Butthead, a dick, jackass. Bassically just a word used to scorn some one. mean word.
If her mom would even know who the dad is mabey she wouldnt be such a basturd child.

He's not living with his parents any more cause he found out hes a basturd child. See his mom had him and his real dad left thats when his current "father" steped in and took advantage of her while she was vonerable.

That Basturd took my money and wont pay me back.
by Jacob Shaheen January 12, 2006
A basty (liquid moist like) turd. Usually used to insult someone.
I'll smother you on the pavement basturd!
by Artem Bobylev October 11, 2007
same as bastard but with a twist. like pepsi
by sashafan July 10, 2003
Worse than a "Rat Bastard". This individual will be cordial and charming to your face, then instigate despicable acts against you behind your back. A lying, coniving piece of worthless humanity. The essence of immense evil.
Teacher #1: That school board president has been telling everyone that he runs this school, not the superintendent.

Teacher #2: Mr. Sellers told me the same thing, but kisses up to the superintendent in public.

Teacher #1: We need to get out of Pawhuska, he is a rat basturd!
by skypie November 21, 2011