At Yale, This word refers to the act of scouting out hot girls/boys in Bass Library. Due to all of the pent up sexual energy at the school, libraries such as Bass are prime spots to scout out and look for potential mates.
Dude, you going bass fishing later today? So I was bass fishing and saw the hottest girl!
by Yalekidd January 10, 2014
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A sexual act in which the male moves his penis around and the female attempts to catch it with her mouth without using her hands.
I made her go bass fishing and she poked her eye out.
by Trib May 27, 2007
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A classic sega game, where the chart mutton boys try to catch some fish before farmer Eric finds them in his fields. " is that a goalpost". As well as great game play it also has some of the best catchphrases ever heard such as
"average size good job" and republic credits no good here sucka"
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the art of pulling high maintance women who happen to be wearing shiny jewelery.
lets go bass fishing tonight...
by teapot_thief May 24, 2005
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Person1: Don’t say dumbass bitch in my video.

Person2: what about dum bass fish, I’m technically not saying a curse word.

Person1: uh, sure that will work you dum bass fish!
by Travis Scott Rager #85 September 19, 2019
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