One of the best charictaristics in Dubstep, Drum and Bass etc.

its normaly when the percussion pauses for a second and then comes back with a heavier bassline.

it is always very pleasurable to hear one but you really need to hear it on a big sound system to know how good it is.
"that gig last night was well good"

"yeah...and when the bass dropped"

"yeah it was so heavy"
by Dubstep.girl July 26, 2009
A moment when a new, louder beat starts in a song. Bass drops are most commonly found in Dubstep songs.
Example: "Did you hear that intense bass drop? So epic!"
Example: Aero Chord - Mechanical Mayhem
(P.S. The bass drop is at 0:30)
by The_Camo_Is_Not_Camo December 13, 2015
A very loud, very low sound used in live metal performances. Because it's awesome and it makes you vibrate. It's usually triggered by the drummer.
TDWP made that breakdown about ten times cooler just with that bass drop.
by SilentlyintheShadows June 19, 2010
A bass-heavy fart. Sometimes, a clunking shit can also be referred to a bass drop due to the similar EDM-Bass Drop sound it makes when it plunkers into the toilet water.
Greg: "Dude, did you just bass drop?"
Scott: "Yeah man, sorry. It's that damn soy milk."

Brennan: "Today at work, I was bass droppin' all over the place."
by IloveTheNSA February 18, 2014
The part of a dubstep track that makes everyone jizz, according to youtube comments.
The bass drop in Equinox was so amazing, I jizzed in my pants!
by boyboyboyboyboy December 26, 2011
Bass drops are the very loud, low frequency bass booms used by a lot of techno and metal groups today. When there's a bass drop, you can feel it throughout your whole body, and many are known to instantly cum in their pants when a bass drop hits.
Dude, I went to see The Acacia Strain last night. The bass drops were so huge I came all over the place!
by Shabutie93x August 18, 2011
That cool thing that metal bands do to make breakdowns sound cooler. The Devil Wears Prada uses them a lot.
that sound would sound kick ass with bass drops.
by TINATP July 24, 2008