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v. - This is the act of handing out baskets to children for them to place their personal belongings into while they go swimming at a public pool. Back in the day, (2) girls were hired to do this job for minimum wage, however the job is now terminated. The recent economic downfall was first blamed for these (2) young ladies to lose their professions, but it was eventually determined that this job deserved less than minimum wage, actually no pay at all. Basketeering still occurs today, but it is done by anyone, even the children themselves, which is why stolen property has increased 200% since 2006.
TugBoat: "I'm missing $15 from my basket, i believe somebody stole it."
Larry: "Mergum bought all the other kids $15 worth of soda this morning, i bet it was him, i'll ask."
Mergum: "No, my dad gave me $15 to take my girlfriend out to dinner."
Chrissie: "You're 10 years old, you can't even drive."
Mergum: "You guys suck at basketeering."
by HeadPoolieInCharge July 05, 2010
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