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Defined by choices in clothing, hobbies, lifestyle, and women

A basic bro will gravitate toward such things as fantasy football, golf, untucked button downs (especially for evening look), own a significant amount of sports attire, Axe, man caves, women who wear large scarves and carry coach bags.
by WΓΆbis April 03, 2014
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- Will usually wear a cap (fitted backwards or sideways)
- Will refer to his friends as bro's/boys
- Mostly talks about baseball/football or what he drank last night
- Refers to his basement as a "Man Cave"
- Quotes Barney from the show "How I Met Your Mother"
- Talks a lot about high school
- Seriously he can't fucking stop talking about football or soccer
- Tends to spend too much time with his "bros" in a "guys only night"
- Loves bacon so much he ruins it for others
- Might make "make me a sandwich" jokes to girls (though this isn't a feature the basic bro must own)
- Will probably spend time in Hooters looking at waitresses whether he has a significant other or not
Jake:"Hey bros lets watch some football."

bros:"Dude no, stop being a basic bro."
by ScifiDeath February 17, 2015
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The male equivalent of a "basic bitch". Some basic bro behavior includes:
~ Wearing Ed Hardy shirts
~ Drinking Natty and/or Bud Light (usually day drinking)
~ Using copious amounts of Axe Body Spray
~ Removing one's shirt at the start of a basketball game despite nobody calling "skins"
~ Taking theme parties far too seriously
~ Wearing a baseball cap sideways or backwards and also wearing sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes
~ Playing the guitar in public (badly)
"Fuckin' Todd is here. Dude is such a basic bro."
by WookieeValentine April 06, 2014
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A man who is very ordinary and mundane, usually loves Emma Watson and prefers Call of Duty over any other game. This person can also be described with "Fuckboy."
Daniel: "Kanye West is the greatest rapper of all time."
Sean: "You are such a Basic Bro"
by What are those?! November 24, 2015
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1) one who has no personality; dull and irrelevant

2) just a top bro

3) someone who dresses like everyone else, with some edge

4) someone who thinks they are flawless
Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Urban Outfitters, Abercombie & Fitch, BASIC BROS wear that shit so I don't even bother
by recordfamous May 01, 2014
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A privileged white male who behaves in an obnoxious manner, exudes a lack of intelligence, and engages in boorish behavior such as excessive weight lifting, showing off muscles, excessive hair styling, guzzling cheap beer, fighting with bouncers, speaking in a derogatory fashion towards women, acting like they are better than others, and saying "dude" "hey bro" or "s'up".
Our country should have higher standards than to let a basic bro like Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.
by Rocksmore September 27, 2018
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