A very queer sport where people use a plank to hit a ball and run around in circles over and over again. played by school girls in the UK. Ahahahaha.

Baseball is queer. Come out of the closet, Gay Rod.
wow look at me! I hit a ball with a plank and ran around a sideways square a million times! I've really accomplished something! /sarcasm

baseball sucks.
by Fuckยญ November 02, 2006
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crappiest and most boaring sport in the world played by wussies who cry if they strike our or get hit by a ball. if u want a real tough sport for people with real talent and strength play hockey or football.
bob:hey dude do u like baseball?

joe:no way that sport is for fucking wussies!
by fuck baseball March 21, 2009
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The most


sport in the world watched by fat


American losers who have extremely


Baseball is shit!

Football(as in soccer for all you American pigs) is the greatest sport in the world!!!

Manchester United are the greatest football(as in soccer you yanks) team in the world!!!
by rambo April 14, 2005
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A game which has a world series only involving American teams since no one else plays it. Quite similar to rounders as played by school girls around Britain and just as boring to watch as cricket.
Baseball world series - there is no world outside the US
by P..B.. January 10, 2006
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A sport designed to entertain the less mentally able persons
Every noticed that only old fat rednecks play baseball? Other real sports only the youngs play it.
by Yak Fu May 20, 2005
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A sport for people that cannot play lacrosse.
guy 1: dude play lacrosse this year
guy 2: no im a fag i play baseball.
by tommyteabags March 30, 2008
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A sport that hardly anyone cares about anymore. For some reason it is called the national pastime of America even though hardly anyone there ever metions its existence.
Tom: Hey Bill did you watch the baseball game yesterday?
Bill: What the hell is base.... oh.... they still play that?
by androidMike February 10, 2009
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