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It is up for your own interpretation. It's a variable word. It can be used in any situation, or place of another word. This word was popularized by Casey Myers at Augustana College in Illinois in the late 1990's.
" Did you barnt today?" "Did you throw that barnt?" I barnted today at work and everyone was surprised. "Hey barnt, hows it going today?" " I love to barnt."
by vogtster June 18, 2009
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The noise made when starting a heat in swimming. Also used in place of other words. Also an exclamation. Created and spread by the Lansing Eastern Men's Swimming and Diving Team.
Starter: "Swimmers, take your mark!" - BARNT

One day, I barnted while I was barnting down the street. This guy looks at me and I go, "BARNT!"
by Meredith December 20, 2003
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Beyond tanned or even sunburned. This is the look that tends to be associated with your very fair skinned road crew worker or carnie. If your normal tanned person is considered "bronzed", these guys are the color of a much more exotic molten element, something found in the radioactive section of the periodic table.
Man, you can tell the fair is in town, check that barnt carnie at that table next to us.
by mmmmarcus July 08, 2017
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