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When one unveils his ass from the backseat of a car and squeezes it between the passenger and driver's seat and blasts ass on the driver.
"Holy shit, I think you parted my hair with that bare ass fart!"
by daniel December 14, 2004
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The release of anal gas, the culprit having his/her pants (and underwear) far enough down so that the methane gas avoids contact with his/her attire. This method will prevent underwear "stink", and the lack of a barrier between anus and ambience will cause the fragrance to spread quicker and with richer concentration.
Person A: "Did someone shit their pants?"

Person B: (Giddy laughter)

Person A: "What the fuck is that?!"

Person C: "Person B made a bare-ass fart."

Person A: "Damn you, Person B."

Person B: "Hey man, I don't want that shit to bake up in my undies."

Person D: "You disgust me."
by Willowsucks March 20, 2009
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