Bardia as a word means
1. The end of fall
2. A very wise person
by 716182729 November 17, 2016
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Bardia is name of the great cyrus's son. The persian empire. Bardia is meanins "like stone" .
Bardia died in a young age.
by January 23, 2018
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Bardia is a persian dude. If you meet him you are very lucky as he is a very loyal friend/loving partner. However, if you piss Bardia off he will instantly snap because of his short temper. Bardias often procrastinate but when they are doing something they love they do it well. They are followers (not leaders) and like to fit in. Bardia learns very quickly no matter how challenging something is and their determination is a great attribute. They are amazing people and you are very lucky if you know of a Bardia
Dude!! Is that a Bardia? We NEED to be his friend!
by pewdiepie6969 February 24, 2019
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Real Gangsta

Straight outta Hell
Heil brother
Wise , Powerful and Proud
He gotta kill all fake ass bishes in tha world
YO Bardia , How ya Doin G ?
Im Doin fine Brother
Seig Heil
by G the Wise May 27, 2017
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Bardia is a sex god. He is a real gangster. He is an amazing friend, sometimes he is a bit mean but he doesnt really mean to be. A Bardia also has a giant cock.
Thats a Bardia!
by Snoopyyok April 14, 2018
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Cant describe humans by their names. But the Bardia that we have encountered is a delicate person who can be described as an honest, fun, and humble human being who is always there for his friends and can cheer them up with his humor. He can be a very nice and genuine friend that would stick up with you. And no, he is not autistic or cancerous.
Bardia can be defined as not the autistic one.
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Bardia is an acronym that stands for:
B ardia
A re u
R really that handsome?
D amn right

A m
A: Holly cow! Is that a Bardia? I bet he's handsome as fuck!
B: Damn right he is
by Bardialover69420 March 7, 2021
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