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Nicki Minaj’s second fanbase. A lot of them are either former, rejected, or wannabe barbz and they hate to admit it. They are supposed to be Cardi B‘s fanbase, but a lot of them only support Cardi B to spite Nicki Minaj. A lot of bardigang are of the caucasian race but love to say the N- word. They are very music chart obsessed. They think that having a certain number of #1s on a chart, and a Grammy that was paid for, means you have talent. Also, despite being “fans” of Cardi B, they can never drop a Cardi bar went requested. You can find them under Nicki related posts on social media, seething.
There goes BardiGang again, being racist towards another successful black female to uplift Cardi.
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The worst fanbase who actually belive that cardi is the empress of rap, when she drugs men and raped them
Eww it’s one of cardi bs ratchet fans bardigang, what a mess
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by Rotter December 27, 2020
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The most jobless fandom in stan twitter. They are Nicki Minaj second fanbase, they are always under things related to her.
“Bardigang is obsessed with Nicki
by Iamcardib_ April 22, 2021
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NICKI MINAJ’S SECOND FAN BASE. stan a flop who can’t write her own raps, tried fighting THE queen of rap nicki minaj over an edited tweet.
did you hear about bardi gang?? yes nicki minaj s second fan base? yes.
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by Nicki.queen.of.rap.wbk. December 19, 2020
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Nicki Minaj’s second fanbase. They supposedly support Belcalis Almanzar because they like beats she uses, even though her lyrics aren’t written by her, nor can they touch the lyrics of Nicki Minaj, that actually were written by her :). Her fanbase also doesn't purchase her music, hence why she needed Meg Thee Stallion to help her get a hit. Although, she cannot get a single Top 10 SOLO hit. They are obsessed with making memes of Nicki and dragging her down, knowing good and well that before 2017, they were listening to the Queen... and so was their fave :)
Fuck Bardi Gang. Barbz Rule.
by Your Hugest Nightmare September 10, 2020
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