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Super Bass is a song by the Queen of Hip-Hop, Nicki Minaj from the deluxe version of her debut studio album, Pink Friday. According to Minaj, the song's lyrics detail the story of a playful romance between a man and a woman. The bubblegum pop and pop-rap song contains electronic influences, while Minaj raps over a hip-hop beat. The song peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100.

In November 2021, "Super Bass" became the first song by a black female rapper to be certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), for selling 10 million equivalent units in the US as well as the first female rap song to be certified Diamond that debuted pre-streaming era.

Super Bass was covered by several artists and celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Sophia Grace & Rosie who performed with Minaj on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after going viral on YouTube.

Super Bass is also cited as one of the female rap songs that helped launch Nicki Minaj into the mainstream, as well as being the catalyst for merging female rap into the pop genre.
Super Bass is such an iconic song, and staple in female rap
by I Tell The Whole Real Truth November 16, 2021
An apology that a person (mostly influencers and celebrities) type out on the notes app (more particularly the notes app on an iPhone). They are usually a quick apology so the writer can do damage control if that celebrity or influencer gets canceled or called out for something that is usually controversial. It’s hard to tell if a notes app apology is sincere since they can constructed by ones management, publicist or team. They are commonly uploaded to social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.
Person: Omg gurl look! James Charles got canceled yet AGAIN!
Person #2: Yes gurlll I also saw that half assed Notes app apology he put out on his Instagram. I’m disgusted.
Nicki Minaj's second fanbase. A lot of them are either former, rejected, or wannabe barbz and they hate to admit it. They are supposed to be Cardi B's fanbase, but a lot of them only support Cardi B to spite Nicki Minaj. A lot of bardigang are of the caucasian race but love to say the N-word. They are very music chart obsessed. They think that having a certain number of #1s on a chart, and a Grammy that was paid for, means you have talent. Also, despite being "fans" of Cardi B, they can never drop a Cardi bar went requested. You can find them under Nicki-related posts on social media, seething.
There goes BardiGang again, being racist towards another successful black female to uplift Cardi.
by I Tell The Whole Real Truth November 16, 2021
Onikavoodoo ( also written out like Onika voodoo) is the bad karma you get for speaking poorly of Onika Tanya Maraj, also more commonly know as Nicki Minaj. There have been many influencers and artist that have suffered the consequences that comes from Onikavoodoo. Some people do not think it’s not real. Speak disrespectfully on Nicki Minaj and you just might witness Onikavoodoo first hand.
Person #1: Gurl did you see how (artist)’s album flopped?!

Person #2: Yes gurl. That’s what they get for speaking bad about Nicki Minaj. That’s Onikavoodoo for you
Nicki Minaj's biggest fan. Cardi B has been caught multiple times stalking Nicki Minaj, her fans the Barbz, and pages related to Nicki. She is rude and disrespectful to her own fanbase, the BardiGang by blocking them for asking simple and respectful questions. She was put in the music industry as a plant to try to end Nicki Minaj's career, which has failed. She is known for using payola, robbing and drugging men, using the F slur, and T slur. She uses ghostwriters to write her raps because she has no talent. She has multiple number 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and a Grammy, but no talent to back any of those accomplishments up. Her favorite thing to do is to argue with Barbz on Twitter and respond to meaningless drama because she has nothing better to do in her free time. The only thing good about her is... wait never mind, I can't think of anything good about her.
There goes Cardi B again, giving attention to irrelevant drama again. She's not fit to be a celebrity.
A subsection of black twitter. Shea Butter Twitter typically consists of users who get online and intentionally misinterpret and over analyze everything to start unnecessary discourse. A lot of them love to tweet out hot topic phrases such as “Protect Black Women”, but don’t actually mean it due to them only wanting to protect the certain black women.

Subtle reminder: Do NOT say Protect Black Women if you don’t mean ALL BLACK WOMEN.

Some of shea butter twitter’s users favorite activities is sharing hypocritical think pieces.

Most shea butter twitter users will claim to support someone and use their name for engagements on their accounts, when in actuality, they wouldn’t care less for the individual any other time. Most, if not all, shea butter twitter users are fake woke. They particularly do not care about the situations they rant and rave about on the internet. If it makes them look good, they tend to “care” for a bit, then move on to the next thing. If it makes them look good, they’re on it.
Oh there goes Shea Butter Twitter again, acting like they support someone when they really don’t.
by I Tell The Whole Real Truth November 18, 2022