Two crossed fingers in the pink, two crossed fingers in the stink
You know you are a pimp when a girl lets you give her the barb wire.
by Pimpin Is My Lifestyle March 30, 2005
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when you cross your index and middle finger and then cross your ring and pinky all on the same hand. then insert top fingers into a woman's vagina and the bottom 2 in her anus.
Its allllllll in the twist.
by mc June 11, 2004
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Steel wire in coils of a few inches to a foot that have twisted barbs of loose ends sticking out with the intent to harm anyone who attempts to cross it.

Also a movie with Pamela anderson.
Don't call me babe.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
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When a man proceeds to cross his index finger and his middle finger together adn his pinky and ring finger together, and places is index and middle into a girls vagina and ths index and pinky in the anas. then u move it up and down and left and rigt
dude u know John? he gives a sick barbed wire, his girlfriend told me
by k-trizzle May 2, 2006
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The great tasting beer of QLD, XXXX . Gets its name as the four X's looks like a barbed wire.
"G'day mate get us a barbed wire will ya"
"No worries mate, gold or bitter?"
"Red heavy mate I'm charging!"
by Kryzz July 2, 2013
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A mutilative sex act in which a length of barbed wire is inserted into the anus of an individual and pulled out like anal beads. If two are involved, the penis of the other individual is also inserted, with the barbed wire, into the anus.
When Ugandan militants entered the village, the first thing they did was demonstrate their authority by barbed wiring five local men.
by rasperas August 2, 2011
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what meathead macho fucks get tattood around their bicep because they want to appear tougher, and because they have no creativity or originality, so they get barbedwire on their arms
macho dave ripped off all his sleeves so he could show the school his lame-ass barbed wire tattoo. what a pussy
by emohammers December 11, 2003
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