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A slang term to define someone who supports himself/herself on the emergency bar in Dance Dance Revolution(DDR) in order to complete a song.
That guy always bar rapes when he plays that song.
by Angelic April 12, 2004
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When your bartender friend is too hungover to show up for work and you are forced to pay commonfolk prices for modestly poured drinks by another barkeep.
Stupid Andrew didn't show up last night and I had to pay $6 per drink! Call the authorities, I've been Bar Raped.
by Sugartastic S. Dazzle April 14, 2004
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When male is flirted with by a female who has the sole purpose of getting free drinks from that male.
Joe 1: Joe, that girl bar raped you hard back there.

Joe 2: *Sees girl leave* Yup. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Joe 1: That's the problem with the system today. That bitch should get charged with something.

Joe 2: Yeah $12.98.
by househ May 05, 2014
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