A song in the Konami game "Dance Dance Revolution" with a satanic overload of arrows filling up the screen as they scroll at a breakneck 300 bpm. It appears that people's feet blur as they attempt this level. There is a blinking warning label attached to the song, as most people attempting it die of exhaustion or trauma to their shins.
"John lost both his legs"
"From jumping off a bridge?"
"No, from playing MAX300"
by Anonymous September 3, 2003
First 10 foot song ever released in the history of DDR. Origonaly released on 6th mix (DDR max). Max300 requires large amounts of stamina and insane amounts of speed.
Josh threw up after playing max 300
by I'm stupid March 27, 2003
A song from Konami's Dance Dance Revolution series only available on 6th mix and up. It features unbelievable requirements of speed, stamina, and coordination to merely pass with a grade of D. It's voltage and stream are (literally) off the charts. And the feeling that the song gives you can be summed up with the main theme of the background, painful spiked metal balls, as if they're digging into your ankles and legs.
"Jeff..........why are you so happy?"
"........WTF?!? HOW?!??!?!?!!!????"
A song in DDR that only someone with super-speed or a bitter suicidal ex with a deathwish would want to play.
I hate my life! I'll play Max 300 a die.


Hi my name is Flash.
by Josh Tomlinson August 9, 2003
Max 300 is the first song in the Dance Dance Revolution series to be ranked under a 10-foot difficulty (on Heavy mode). This tough song consists of up to 573 arrows when on Heavy mode. Max 300 is also the first song to be played through "Extra Stage" under certain conditions.
Max 300 is the hardest song on DDRMAX
by Angelic April 12, 2004
Insanely hard DDR song (from 6th Mix-MAX- to Extreme) thats 300 bpm and mostly 8th notes
Yasu's AAA'd this 300+ times
Somtimes without bar raping
Most of them are on reverse
A few are on 1.5x
(Yes I said AAA, not AA or A, but AAA. That's 3 As, thusly a Triple A. However any grade below AA is pretty good, unless your name is Yasu or Take)
by lol January 10, 2004
A DDR song going at a freakishly high 300bpm!
'i passed max 300'
by **me** December 14, 2003