An adjective to describe someone who is too good at a certain topic or an event which is unbelievably good. The word 'bangy' can be used to sum up performances around a certain area.
Example 1: "That goal from Lionel Messi was bangy"
Example 2: "Wow, she's level 80 already? That's bangy"
Example 3: "Ah they lost the cup final. I'm afraid they just weren't bangy enough today"
by TheRealSeasider October 24, 2014
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v. to have sex.
"How'd it go with that girl last night? You bangy?"

Popularized by the film Magic Mike XXL
by RamenHoliday August 01, 2016
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Been that nigga and he will always be that nigga with or without anybody. Stays to himself, doesn't let nothing get in his way of achieving what he want. He can sometimes be stubborn but on the outside he's a gentleman. He likes both male and female but he mostly attracts the females. He doesn't care what anyone says about him, He walks in confidence and pride with his chin up.
- I need me a Bangy!

- Bangy is very cool.
by Bangyy February 19, 2017
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