When a fit, bare bumting-a-ling, sexually arousing girl walks past, "bang that" is used to signify just how much you would like to see her in your bed/how fit she is.
*Fit girl walks past*
"bang that"
or if feeling extra horny
"bang that fo' sure"

Often used by Craig, Dani and Jess
by BangThatShizzle March 10, 2009
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1. Said when 2 or more people are observing a hot person and debating whether or not they would "bang", or have sex, with him/her.

2. Also used when saying "do this..." or "put that in..."
1. Dude, I'd totally bang that chick over there.

2. Now, bang that pan in the oven on 350 for 20 minutes.
by CreeperStash March 13, 2008
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I don't want relationship
I just want
Bang bang bang
I don't want to meet your mom
I just want
Bang bang bang
by Anonymous August 1, 2003
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When you go out to eat, eat a full meal, then go to another place and eat another full meal. Seen on Louis C.K.'s amazing "Louie".
My fat-fuck friend and I did a bang bang today, first Italian, then Sushi. Just kidding, I did it alone.
by Chunk63 May 15, 2014
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Pa add ng talent fee.
I bang bang mo yung Japon. Pa add ka sa talent fee mo.
by Cyclonetrading July 7, 2021
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Sargent Rutledge always carries his Bang Bang concealed in his shoulder holster.
by talk2me-JCH2 July 22, 2022
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a music video by a k-pop group called big bang.

the video known by fans of k-pop as the ace in the hole. After two failing video's this dropped and k-posers collectively flipped shit at how amazing it was.
Girl 1: ohhh my god have you seen Bang Bang Bang yet it's amazing!
Girl 2: You mean the one by Big Bang hell yes Tae's backup dancers are drool worthy girl i want me a piece of that.

Guy 1: have you heard Bang Bang Bang yet?
Guy 2. "Video was cool lots of epic cars sounds like a song you'd hear at a club"
by white_rabbit_alice September 2, 2015
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