A girl who is attractive to someone. Meaning she is hot.

Can also mean she is fit, health wise.
she is a fit girl

damn she fit
by fitgirl21 August 30, 2022
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Girl that gets dressed up for an Instagram picture that makes it look like she worked out but really didn't do anything.
Instagram fit girl No gains doesn't lift fake lifter
by RommRomanov October 31, 2015
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Agreed. Emo girls rock. Unforunately for myself I am not an emo boy so I can't get emo girls. I'm not deep (read: pretencious) enough.
Me: Hey there

Fit emo girl: Your hair isn't over your eyes and you're not listening to HIM/My Chemical Romance. I don't like you.

Me: Damn you emo booooys!
by Boringbutrealnice August 24, 2005
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3 words you would commonly associate in the same sentence
there's a fit emo girl
by rock December 9, 2004
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