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A fucking shit hole where teachers remove you for asking why the fuck they think they can teach you by putting a fucking 4 minute video instead of bothering to teach it them selves while we are told most of the teachers are leaving because they got better jobs at other schools.
Banff academy= KFC worker
by Banffisshit August 18, 2014
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A shit hole in the corner of Scotland where teachers remove you for saying there first name and think they can teach by putting on a video.
She cant spell her name, she must have gone to Banff Academy!
by scith98 March 19, 2012
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A drug smuggling school located in the middle of fucking nowhere also known as the North East of Scotland. Teachers range from supportive and helpful who care about education to others who will remove you for simply smiling or breathing. If you had the choice of sending your child into the heart of the Amazon or sending them to Banff Academy, I would advise you to get their passport sorted. Head teachers rarely last longer than five years. WARNING: You will loose braincells by spending too much time in Banff Academy.
"Drug smuggling? Must be at Banff Academy."
by XOXO BanffGossipGirl August 19, 2016
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Banff academy is in a shit hole called the north east of Scotland, this place usual gets the attention of parents with no love for their kids who will send them there just for the social status, and if that wasn't enough this place is populated by teachers who will literally single out boys out, girls are able to do everything, sit on tables, scream, stuff shit in to their bras, the second any male decides to breath they get an exclusion warning, a group of people in the school referred to as the "junkies" go behind a sports centre and smoke until they go into the fucking hospital and they get diagnosed with lung cancer, now you may ask "Why not the tell the principle!" people did and they still sit their on their asses vaping and smoking only now getting kicked out. The school is filled with libtards and socialists, and children who their parents say their gay, although you can obviously tell their just doing for the sake of being gay, and guess what if try to skip a day have fun staying in your house for the rest of the day as they get the town to report sightings of you outside.
Josh: Holy shit, that guy is a worthless piece of shit junkie?

Toby: yea, he must of dropped out of banff academy
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by some random polish guy February 26, 2019
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