One who conducts a middle/high school or college band. Yes it's true they like to tell lame jokes but most band kids like that weird humor anyway. Give em a break. Some of these directors are serious to the point of craziness. Band directors really try and are usually nice people, unless they don't give a shit about the band. Then they just suck. Very busy these band directors are.
The trumpet section was up the band director's ass but he helped them with their rhythms and they thanked him.

The band director was near death listening to the 20 piccolos but gathered the patience to get them all in tune.

My band director is awesome- he can be a real nazi on the field when he has to, and the next minute he's your bff.
by viel Larm um nichts~ August 4, 2009
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The King Band Geek. One of the few teachers in a high school who sees every single one of their students from freshman all the way to senior year. They tend to wear Hawaiian shirts and have a weird sense of humor. Of all teachers, band directors are the most likely to die in a fire for their students if it came down to that.
"How, might you ask, could a student be friends with a teacher? The answer is simple. Band geeks don't see the band director as a teacher. They are simply older, sometimes fatter, band geeks."
by taki-noboru-desu January 29, 2016
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A often short person who conducts or directs a band. Has no life, assigning students scales sheets for their grades, and telling lame jokes. Often can be desperate at times. Can be cool at times, but most of the time they can be @$$holes.
Cool Band Director:
Hey he's one of the coolest Band Directors ever!

Lame Band Director:
This Band Director can't conduct for crap!
by [too cool to list on here] December 30, 2009
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1. The most awesome teacher you will ever have. Often makes funny jokes, pokes fun at band students and spends an enormous amount of time making the band sound and look good.
"That band director, Mr.Minick, is a really cool guy!"
"I know right?! He's the best teacher ever!"
by Tbabstbone November 27, 2011
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Fat guy with huge ass man tits who directs a band. Often wears Hawaiian Shirts because he is too fat for anything else. They were often queers in school, and no one liked them.
Dude, that band director makes Pamela Anderson's tits look tiny.
by RaawB June 14, 2007
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The person in charge of picking music, writing drill, and teaching the band how to march. Can usually be found saying, "One more time!" and then having the band repeat it seven more times. The band director quite often does no dirty work of their own and has the drum major take care of it.
The marching band director could never be trusted when he said "One more time"
by Kayla Christine May 21, 2006
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National Band Director Day is November 15 because by then your football team has lost the Friday games and you're moving on to concert music. Make sure you let your band director know how much you appreciate them on this day because they're probably stressed.
"What's today's date?"

"November 15th, it's national Band Director day!"

"Really?! I really love our director, I'm going to let him know how much I appreciate him."
by Hypotonuse690889 November 10, 2019
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