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Banchory is a charming little town that is fast turning into a bigger town. It just can't make its mind up. Nightlife is non existent and it begs for a decent pub and resteraunt. Banchory's one lease of life is the Stag on a Wednesday night which is Kareoke night... We now have 2 curry houses, 1 a sit down and 1 a take away, quite frankly I say take them both away as there is no atmosphere in either, no tacky music, no holes in the table clothes no cats paws in the wheelie bins.... just no character. Banchory is home of Scott Skinner who was some guy on the fiddle, theres plenty more of them as well. Banchory is a Domitory town for all the punters in the oil industry and even though we poay a fortune in council tax we have one of the worst bin collections known to man. It used to be great and someone had the brain wave of collecting rubbish once every 2 weeks and then recycled stuff on a different day inbetween and just incase you need to go to the tip because youv'e forgotten what day it is this week to put out your rubbish they close it at 4pm every day...... How to promote fly tipping Banchory council have found a corker there. I fancy ramming the gates down so the tip is open when people have actually had time to cut the bloody grass.....morons.
Banchory has a far lower than average population of Chavs and in fact the youths in Banchory are generally top guys, so lets keep it that way and don't let it go down the pan like most of the UK.
Banchory curry houses Derbar Vs Corriander equals curry wars......
by YdnaT July 27, 2008
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