When a person experiences or inflicts severe burnage on another person, banat may be mistaken with banter on "banta", however banat refers to insulting behaviour not just amusing happenings.
(Pronounced: 'ba-nat')
"Did you see that fight on Facebook last night? There was pure banat going on"
by Andooo October 15, 2014
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Lazy soccer moms who do not have time to take care of their kids, so everything they cannot deal with is objectionable. They usually ask the government to ban things that affect their children like violent movies and video games, "the right to bear arms", and satire websites(like Maddox's).
I'm too lazy to teach my children what's right and wrong, so I'll just have the government ban violent movies so I won't have to worry about my kids.
by Redfury509 April 25, 2005
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In Armored Core, they are people who love banning parts/weapons in tournaments and online games, so their opponents will fight to suit their style.
OMG! I keep getting slaughtered by your E2 core and your MG Arms! Take it off!
by Redfury509 April 25, 2005
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A term created for the purpose to criticize politicians,media and people who has title doing illogical statements and actions that relate to the goverment.

Banat by also related to someome channel that criticize curropt and questionable behavoirs who are agaisnt goverment and in goverment.
Lopi: Has you seen banat by?

Jill: yea. It was awesome. I can also see other people reactions
Lopi: i always watch him in utube bcoz i keep missing his live stream
Jill: he talks with logic and research his findings
by Truth_will_always_prevail March 08, 2021
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Also know as Hotel Ceauşescu or Hotel Stalin the place with the most ghost of unsatisfied customers in Romania, you sometimes have to flush the toilets with the shower and you might have to open the window with a screwdriver or in the best case scenario you will go home with a minimum of 3 cuts on your back because of the ancient windows.
by ALESIO132 August 17, 2021
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