A forbidden word. For though Billy said "Banana!", Not knowing the horrors that lie inside the heads of the populace. Shunned; he was. Tormentend by them, thou was. Torment minds THEY share, but one that he doesn't posess. Innocent, his mind was. "He said banana! HAH HAH", cried the degenerates. "You said banana!!! You fool!" Billy Didn't know what the populace meant. And that knowledge; he will never possess.

So basically never say banana in front of other men. Don't be like Billy. For banana means...Dick
"Gross! You sucked that dude's banana? I thought you were better than this!"
by One whom Yotes July 6, 2018
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Bananas are the yellow, oblong, fruit that minions eat. Minions are from all of the Despicable Me movies. And the Minions movie. Minions are obsessed with this fruit for reasons unknown to mankind. Maybe because bananas are yellow like them. But minions are NOT oblong. Clearly. They look like massive pills with eyes, mouths, legs, and arms. Also clothes, but minions seem to only wear all of the clothes about half of the time in the movies. You now know everything about bananas. Bravo.
Bob ate the Banana!!!
by hermitdoodle909 May 6, 2020
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Only people with an IQ of 200 would search up the word banana.
Skurb: I watch Rick and Morty, and I am a massive fan skurb

Ricc: Rick and Morty suks and I eat banana
by Jetdean May 29, 2018
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