Banana benders, people from Queensland, Australia, they are called this as Queensland produces over 90% of Australia's Bananas.
P1:Where are you from?
P1: You a Banana Bender?
by Ashling Hill July 14, 2012
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A cocktail they sell in South London consisting of banana milkshake, vodka and banana liquor. It's delicious.
"Ohmygod I propa fancy a banana bender in South London, let's do pub quiz aswell!"
by snoooksy September 05, 2011
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Alternate name for a resident of Queensland, Australia, where bananas grow and people with nothing better to do put a bend in them.
When I win the lottery I'm going to move to Queensland and become a banana bender.
by hinterland August 05, 2003
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An Alternate name for a gay person. To be used when you call out at a bunch of gay people.
Hey! You are a bunch of banana benders
by Tommo8225 October 27, 2006
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The 'banana bender' is most commonly known as a sex position, the recipient freezes a banana. Once frozen the banana is then shelved whilst sitting on a massage chair to aid with insertion.
Person 1:Tom did you receive a banana bender last night?
Tom:Yeah I shelved the whole thing
by Mendax June 23, 2014
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A variation of the original "banana bender", but with a chocolaty twist of Brookdale chocolate ice cream topping drizzled on top, hence the name chocolate coated banana bender. Unlike the original you do not need a massage chair for aid of insertion as you have the topping, acting as a lubricant.
Person 1: What did you do last night Tom?
Tom: I gave myself a sweet chocolate coated banana bender last night on the toilet.
by Mendax June 23, 2014
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