Bana is the most cutest girl ever. She is the talented kind of people who don't see the positives in themselves but the negatives. She may has low confidence but she has a very strong willingness and is always loyal to her friends. She is the true friend and is always easy to talk to. She might be shy at first, but when you get to know her you will just see her as a treasure. As you get closer to her, she will purposly act dumb and wierd but don't judge on that. She is always VERY honest (and likes gossip) and a chocolate lover. When ever you see a girl named Bana, stick to her.
Human1: we have this new girl named Bana
by Bonona March 9, 2018
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bana is a name of a beautiful girl she’s stunning and all the boys fall at her feet her eyes glitter in the sun and her hair shines gorgeously. her face structure is perfect and jaw line is always on point. bana is the name of an arabic beautiful stunning incredible skinny strong encourager who is always sweet to her friends and is loyal to all no matter what. she will choose her friends and family over anyone and sticks up for them with no doubt. she’s artistic and loves to have fun
man1: wow that girl is fit

man2: that’s bana every guy loves don’t get ur hopes up.
by anonymous10847382922 June 11, 2019
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Originally Bwana, Bana is Swahili word meaning "sir", although it is also used in an informal settings, as a term of endearment among friends, similar to "man" or "guy"

Originally popular with East African Indians, the term has now been adopted by many South Asians and West Indians alike. It has also dropped the w sound as it was very light and often unheard by non-Swahili speakers.
Hey Bana, whats up?

Kem cho bana?

Bana! Chai moja. Asante sana.
by ShaTR October 6, 2010
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Wat'z happenin BANAAAAA?
by SkyFlame09 April 16, 2009
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Orginally an Arabic female name. In Arabic literature, it means a kind of long tall trees, similar to the grace of the tall and soft. It is used for belles but is rarely used due to it's sophisticated uses and traditional history. (Its a reallly old name)
Bud: hey I met that girl called Bana
Bud2: She must be Arabic!
by Bonona March 9, 2018
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She is the bestest friend I could ever ask for. She is funny, smart, stoopid, and has a nice butt. She deserves all good and nice things because she has been through so much pain. She understands me perfectly and she is so amazing. I want to thank her for being in my life.
Tom: Hey Bana you suck!
by Hey that's nice January 14, 2019
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