A group of Japanese musician who did the opening song for a kick-ass anime, Witch Hunter Robin, and is entitled, Shell.
A: "Hey, do you happen to know the name of the band who sang the opening track of Witch Hunter Robin?"
B: "Yeah, I think they're called, Bana."
A: "Awesome! Thanx, I'll do a search on WinMX"
by anjiro November 17, 2004
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A person who over dramatic who will likely to have big boobs but little butt she really good at fucking and is a loving caring person
I love banae but she over dramatic
by charixa January 28, 2015
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slang for cocaine;sniff;coke;blow;toot./...
yum yum bannna
by sexyrabbit February 12, 2004
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Something that's really dumb. Originated when a girl was trying to sing "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani, and she spelled "Bananas" as "B.A.N.A.S.". The opposite of banas is sanab, which means cool.
This shit is banas.
by shubadub June 19, 2011
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Pertaining to the actor Eric Bana, specifically used to describe him in the "heavier" stages of his career.

Popularised by shameless self publicist slashy_slash.
Chubby Bana is my favorite flavour.


Hey Bana can I squeeze your chubby bits? Me and Monty think its hot!
by Slashy April 09, 2005
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It is a latin way to say "good-bye" but the term really means: "to take a shower" a funny term only when said with a latin tongue and with great timing.
(Bob is being dropped off at his house.)

Bob K thanks...

(Bob steps out of the car)

James Ok...te banas!!!!
by faze phou January 19, 2010
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