Australian actor.
Born Eric Banadinovich in Melbourne, Australia in 1968.

Began his career as a stand up comic.

Notable roles include Chopper, Black Hawk Down, Hulk, and Troy.
Did you see that new Eric Bana movie?
by kate_robyn September 10, 2004
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1. A malay word usually used by the typical malaysian as a reaction to jokes.

2. Defines anger on someone.

3. Silent mock.
1. "Rose, i think im pregnant." said Jack.

"Kepala bana! Hahaha." Rose replied.

2. "Justin is showing of his abs. He is kepala bana!"

3. "I have three ferrari at home" said Bieber boastfully.

"Kepala bana" said Shawn in his monologue.
by rukidding osem December 27, 2016
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Obsession of shameless self-publicist slashy_slash
Can you believe Slashy is STILL mad for Chubby Bana?
by Monty April 17, 2005
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The type of situation where another friend is falsely accused or expelled from school.
Oh shit, that’s The banas effect pray for my man’s.
by FutureToon May 02, 2019
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From the movie "Black Hawk Down",The character Hoot (played by Eric Bana) is on base at the cafeteria when the Ranger commanding officer Captain Steele points out to Hoot that, whether an undisciplined Delta Operator or not, his M4 carbine should be safeties-on in the barracks. Hoot replies, "This is my safety", and bends his index finger. Used commonly by airsofters, paintballers and military enthusiasts alike.
Dude, don't point that thing at me.
Don't worry, I got my Eric Bana safety on.
by Operatin Operator June 26, 2010
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A common uncultured species of bananas. They're known for being extremely "smol" and normie like. They're true trollers and are a pure pain in the ass. Commonly found in a unwanted fruit pile in Walmart
Nico: Hazel this is a very painful and putrid banana, the Hades did you get it from
Hazel: A shit I think I got a BANA instead
by SaltMcballs June 17, 2018
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A ship involving leather dresses and flawless women with great asses. Occasionally leads to a lack of ability to form coherent sentences.
by SwanQueenIsEndgame September 03, 2013
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