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The non-premeditated and irreversible state of being a family within a band. Especially in marching band. Bamilies often times form much stronger internal bonds and abnormal (in some cases bizarre) attachments than the traditional marching band; as a result they are much more desirable than the traditional marching band.
Crowd: Woah, who's that big band?
Band parent: What band? Oh, you mean that super awesome bunch from Kingston?
Crowd: They're awesome!
Band parent: That's no band; that's a bamily!
by MightyMightyTigers November 04, 2010
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Being incredibly or impeccably bored by your family or at a family event.
I got so bamily last night at the New Year's Eve party.
by PrettierThanYourGF April 12, 2016
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