(v.) to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.
by Cobourg February 1, 2013
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To dance without particular skill or grace, but with extreme joy. Often performed by teenagers at parties, but can be enjoyed by a person of any age.
"Hey, that is some sweet baltering you're doing!"
by KandiL<3vee April 14, 2013
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A drug dealer who's known to be unreliable only going as far as contacting you and then not responding for 3 weeks.
Dude 1: hey man what's up u got some lsd?

Dealer: Yea Broman I have lsd meet me in the city I'll have it it's 80 dollars.

Dude 1: yeah man no worries

2 hours Later

Dude 1: I'm in the city u coming bro.

3 weeks late

Dealer :
Hey bro man sorry I forgot to text you what is it u asked for?

Dude 1: Nah it's all good ur a Fucking balter
by Sabby2385 October 31, 2018
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The act of a motorist spontaneously leaving their automobile and physically attacking a cyclist.
I was baltered on my ride into work this morning.

This dude just jumped out of his car and baltered me in the face.
by seattlebicyclist May 20, 2011
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" the art of artless dancing whilst partaking in chat that is playful, intelligent and original!! "
We had such a fun night dancing last night..it was proper Balter Banter!
by PFP CREW BABE March 18, 2017
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