A really sweet girl. She's very funny but awkward at the same time. She likes to hang around her friends and make stupid jokes that everybody laughs at. When she has a crush, or a boyfriend, she'll stay loyal to him and treat him amazingly. She likes music and memes. She hates when people annoy her and tell her sh*t she already knows
"Balqis is a badass"
by spaghettiyeet February 8, 2019
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Wife of the famous Arab poet Nizar Qabbani who made her his main theme and inspiration due to her beauty.

Queen of Sheba, or Queen Balqis, as she is famous in the Arab World, was very influential, wealthy and famous during her rein, some 3000 years ago. The stories about her are so intriguing and conflicting. She is mentioned not only in the Holy Quran and Bible, but also in legendary tales that extend from Ethiopia to India, Persia and Arabia. She was so wise that several peoples, mainly Ethiopians, claim that she is the founder of the dynasty that ruled Ethiopia and was overthrown only some 30 years ago.

Of Muslim origin/culture for Girl name with history and fame details

That girl definitely has the beauty of Balqis in her.
by Alexa J. March 26, 2009
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Balqis is a name dedicated to only the kindest and softest of souls. She is always funny, always beautiful and is always ready to listen and lend a shoulder. She collects many hobbies and is extremely passionate about them until she burns out and moves on to the next one. She always knows exactly what to say to cheer you up and to have her as a friend is a blessing. Very few get the honour of hearing her truly laugh, and you're very lucky if you're the cause of it. Others tend to take her kindness for granted. For that reason, she needs to be as kind to herself as she is to others.
"I'm only going if Balqis will be there"

"I just think that Balqis is really cool"
by OurCornerOfTheLibrary August 25, 2021
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balqis is pretty,good friends and a talkie girl.She had many lovers and she is a friendly girl
you will love her when you meet balqis
by januk October 20, 2018
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Balqis is a girl who loves to make a lame jokes and act weird. She likes to save pictures of her friends' derp faces in her phone and make them as memes. And this is why she is the Queen of Memes.
"Balqis, you're such a weirdo but still I love you"
by laili.jungshook December 31, 2018
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a girl that like to play games. pubg and mobile legend. a kind girl. love bts kookie.
aisya balqis is a short girl
by sangkar merah August 6, 2019
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she is pretty and a trustworthy girl. she’s a very rich girl and so stylish in everything that she have. always look up for a handsome partner but loyal when it comes to relationship.
was her name is balqis afiqah? because she always look outstanding
by jameswhitesides December 29, 2017
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