Ballin up is when you’re about to go smoke weed
Me and my niggas went to go ball up “Ballin up” at lunch
by RichviewYutes March 5, 2020
The state of dominating in either basketball or sometimes football.
J-town was at the park, ballin up on some fools, when his friend, k-while, asked if he wanted to run some 2 on 2.
by Kyle the baller November 15, 2007
The act (or acts) of doing very well in ones current position.
:Used and started primarily by motorcyclists:
Refers to the act of balling up the rubber on your motorcycle tires.
"Riding Fast"
1:"Damn! Did you see him ballin' it up out there on the track today?" 2:"Wow you were ballin' it up on the dance floor the other night!" 3: Jack: "what are you doing tonight bob?" Bob: "Oh I'm just ballin' it up here at home."
by Hans Wagner November 24, 2005
toronto slang, the act of smoking weed with a person or people.
Yo are we ballin’ it up, fam?
Yeah bro let’s ball up and get hella high!
by ballballball February 24, 2019
When a man does not wear any underwear or boxers under his shorts or trousers.
I forgot to put on my boxers this morning and now I'm ballin' it up.
by Marc83 November 29, 2005
When you're ballin' and you don't care who knows it. Like Lil' Wayne.
Darcy is straight up ballin'.
by alicevirginia December 10, 2009