When testicles become sweaty due to hot conditions (Clam Chowder is the female equivalent).

Perspiration on male genitalia after prolonged activity or hot conditions.
Can you turn up the AC? I'm sitting in ball soup over here.

I get wicked ball soup after a good run.
by brisket79 August 26, 2013
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When, in the heat of summer, your balls are soaked in sweat.
I wish I had air conditioning - there sure is a lot of ball soup going on down there.
by Chintz November 5, 2004
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When the temp is so high that your gooch produces so much sweat that pools around your balls, creating a balls broth if you will.
Nathan: Dude it's way hot up in this piece.
Nic; I've had enough of this noise let's bounce.
Jerome: Word, I've been sittin in balls soup for like an hour.
Nathan: nice.
by L-Keebsy July 11, 2008
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The act of going at least 4-5 days without bathing and having a change of clothes.
by jpeek99 January 2, 2012
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When an individual is outside walking on a hot humid day and the air is so heavy it sticks to you. You can smell other people's body odor, including their balls, when they pass you walking by. The weather totally sucks making you feel as if you are "swimming in ball soup".
Kansas Summers / High Humidity/ Tornado Season .. aka - BALL SOUP TORNADO.
by CAckbloxer October 21, 2019
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Pissing in a girls mouth and then dunking your balls inside of her mouth.
Girl: Whats for dinner?

Response: Matzah Ball Soup, now open up bitch!
by Jew Captain 1 August 13, 2010
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Friday night after sundown- the Sabbath,
when a man dips his balls into chicken broth
& then inserts them into his partners mouth.
"With the taste of chicken in her mouth I couldn't believe how horny she became when i gave her the Matzoh Ball Soup."
by Di-ayn-u January 22, 2005
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