The word 'bakwaas' means bullshit in Hindi and Urdu, languages native to Pakistan and India.
Kim: Omg I slept with Channing Tatum last night

Diya: Don't talk bakwaas , child!
by Allie2002 July 15, 2018
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The full word of 'Wass', means utter bullshit and is the response to someone who is waffling.
Rah shut up fam, you're chatting bare bakwaas
by adamap03 September 21, 2019
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Utter and complete nonsense. Total rot.
He told me he was dating Madonna but I told him what he could do with that bakwaas.

Don't bakwaas me, f00! I know you're lying!
by Bindo August 2, 2006
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People who are completely fake and everything they say has no real meaning. Basically, people who speak bakwaas
Person1: Oh, there go the bakwaas people.
Person2: omg, they are so fake!
by BLUE!!!! June 26, 2010
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