an indian gentleman with a taste for cocaine and large nostrils
look at bagrat, he's like a hoover!!
by millsyeyes January 15, 2007
derived from the german word Taschenratte

It describes an animal, usually a dog, that is so little it can fit in a handbag/purse.

Paris Hilton hers died under mysterious circumstances.
THAT is a dog??
I thought it was a bagrat.
by Peter Nobunaga August 10, 2011
Is a male name popular in Georgia and Armenia. It is derived from the Old Persian Bagadāta, "gift of God". Bagrat is very intelligent and caring. They are loving husbands and caring fathers.
-Hey, do you know Bagrat?
-Ofc, he is the smartest guy in the town.
by randomchoices423 November 21, 2021