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a non sensical word often referring to a a student.

another term referring to the grecko roman based word bag ,meaning droopy or sagging
and the japanese based word, face, meaning eyes.

i think you have a fricken bag-face, even when your mom blew you out her hole.
by lovemeforeverxxx44 April 4, 2009
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Someone who is wringled and their face looks like a leathery hand bag
another case of hand-bag-face in the family
by Andrew- August 22, 2006
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a face on a kid so ugly that should wear a brown bag over his face cuz it makes ppl cry and scare kids of the playground
Alvin is a brown bag face.
Damn hes ugly what a brown bag face.
by Sukh 2626 October 5, 2006
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Popularized by the Valley Girl movement in the San Fernando Valley.

Literally means you need to put a bag over your face, because you either need to shut up, or you're ugly.
Look at your nails and your lipstick, bag your face, please!
by Joshall July 27, 2010
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If you are talking slack or annoying someone, they would probably tell you to go and bag your face. The meaning of it is to shut up or be quiet.
Liam: Are you that bitch everyone keeps talking about?
Sam: Bag your face.
by hitotallynotsam March 19, 2018
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A Facebook twist on the term "teabagged"

1) The term used when one is in the same room with a person/people who have a mobile subscription to your Facebook status and you update in front of them, causing them to dive for their phones, only to read something they already knew.
2) Any time Facebook commits an error.
3) When someone enters the same status you were going to use before you.
My phone just went off, it better not be you updating your Facebook! Oh crap, it is you. I got FACE-BAGGED!

I updated my status on my phone like an hour ago, you never got it?! Man, I got FACE-BAGGED!

Oh this is so cool, I gotta put this as my status. What?! You already did!!? I got FACE-BAGGED.
by LuvMyBug July 31, 2011
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